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AR-Assembly is an augmented-reality based software tool, which can be used for visualizing and training complex, assembling processes. Custom designed augmented-reality markers together with an Android application, which is capable of displaying 3d models, enable digital manipulation of real world assembling problems as well as overlaying artificial information, like assembly instructions, on existing objects. AR-Assembly has been developed by Andreas Tanda – Simulated Reality and therefore can be fully adapted to our customers' needs.

Simulated Reality

At Andreas Tanda we think that a lot of technical problems could be solved faster by using a concept we call "Simulated Reality". Simulated Reality is the hypothesis that reality can be simulated - for example by computer simulation - to a degree indistinguishable from "true" reality, and may in fact be such a simulation (Source: wikipedia). Imagine for example that you could experience a bursting test of pressure equipment without injury to body or health but being present to see what exactly happens. We are sure that you will get a different view on the problem. That is why we are working on soft- and hardware tools to achieve this vision.

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